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Send one-time message for selected reservations

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Now you can send a non-automated message to a specific group of guests, for example, if you want to inform them about your happy hours, water outage, restrictions, etc.

Note that you must have activated a feature called ADVANCED MESSAGES if you want to be using a one-time message.

How to create a one-time message?

Go to section Messages - One-time message and click on New Message

Select the recipient - a dropdown menu containing the following options:

ON ARRIVAL - reservations on arrival

IN HOUSE - accommodated reservations

ON DEPARTURE - reservations on departure

WITH email


The number of stays displays the number of reservations that correspond to the selected filter.

The remaining message body components are already implemented from your scheduled auto-messages.

If your scheduled auto message has more than one language version, then the translations will be loaded as well.

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