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New 4Suites Integration
New 4Suites Integration

Are you using mobile keys from 4Suites?

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How does it work?

1. In MyAdmin go to Settings - Keys and request upgrade.

2. You will receive a confirmation email that you can connect to 4Suites now.

3. Then go to section Keys and enter your 4Suites integration key and location admin token.


When the reservation is in the check-in state, MyStay checks if the reservation has completed a check-in registration form. If it has, MyStay sends to the guest message including mobile key.

How to make sure that the guest has received the pin?

In the section Reservations, find the reservation and go to the detail. You can see that the automated message was sent. In case the guest can't find the email, you can always resend it.

Auto message including mobile keys ⬇

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