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How to promote your guest web?
How to promote your guest web?

Increase number of received registration cards and orders.

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There are a few hints on how to increase these numbers. How do we know? Well, these are actually the tips from our long-term clients.

Before arrival

Reservation agent or receptionist who exchanges emails with the guests, they both should always point out the guest web. Also, the URL link of your guest web should be part of the email signature.

What else can you do?

  • promo your contactless hotel on the social media

  • set up ,,Priority line” at the accommodation

  • add URL link or CTA ,, Make Your Stay Memorable” on your website

During stay

It can happen that your guest doesn't receive any of the auto-messages. Maybe because you don't have the correct contact information or maybe they have accidentally deleted the message. What now? Print the QR code of your guest web and keep it right on the reception desk. Explain to the guest how to scan the QR code and that they can find all your services on your guest web. You can also go to your Admin, add or edit their contact detail and send them a manual message that means their guest web will be even personalized and they can still access the online check-in and an online check-out.

Also, get promo stands to all your guest rooms, lobby bar, wellness reception, a restaurant or just anywhere to make sure that if the guest wants to order some of your services at the moment, they have access to your guest web.

Well, what about Wifi? If you do have it then don't hesitate and set up your guest web as your Wifi success page!

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