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Multi-language Email and Changes in Check-in Registration Form
Multi-language Email and Changes in Check-in Registration Form
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Multi-language Email

You can send a multilingual email to your guests with different preferred languages: each guest will receive a variant of the email based on their country.

For example, if you have selected Spanish and Czech as additional languages of your guest web then you can also set up your auto emails in these two languages.

Your guests receive the email in the language based on their country, this information must be included in the reservation data.

In case, your guest web is not supported in that language, the auto email is sent in default language English.

Also, we have added another personalized info Reservation ID into all auto-messages.

Check-in Registration Form

Add text to your registration form and make your form even more personalized.

At the beginning of the form, you can inform your guests or explain to them what the following steps are.

At the end of the form, you can add some thank you message or what they can expect after arrival at your hotel. Honestly, it's only up to you what you would to tell to your incoming guests.

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