Guest Preferences

We recently added new functionality Guest Preferences that allows you to get additional preference data from your incoming guests.

Guests have certain requirements during their stay, so if they select their preferences after completing the online registration form or on the main page of your guest web, your offers will be displayed on your guest web according to their specified preferences.

These offers will be marked as ,,Hand Pick offer".

In the Reservation detail, you can find the selected categories by the guest.

Also, you can check the most popular categories in section Reports & Statistics.

How to activate this feature?

Go to the detail of one your Servies/Activities and request update.

We let you know when the feature is activated and then you can go ahead and select preferences group for all your offers in the section Services/Activities.

Auto Messages Status

The number of sent auto messages can be checked in section Statistics.

But we understand that in some cases, it is necessary to check also the status of sent auto message for specific reservation.

Now you can find the status of the sent auto message in the detail of each reservation.


DELIVERED - The SMS message was either delivered or accepted for delivery by the network operator.

FAILED - The SMS message was not delivered.

SENT - The SMS message was sent but no final status is available

REJECTED - The SMS message was rejected, meaning that it was not accepted for delivery.


SENT - The email message was sent.

FAILED - The email message was not delivered.

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