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How To Purchase SMS Credit
How To Purchase SMS Credit

Do you want to be sending auto SMS?

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Before you activate automated SMS, you must go to the Billing section and fill out your invoice details.

Now you can click on "Buy Credit" and choose your preferred credit amount (20 Euro, 100 Euro or 300 Euro). Also, select either recurring purchase or one-time purchase.

One-time purchase - when activating, it is always necessary to make a manual payment in case of low credit

Recurring purchase - when activating, the payment data and the selected credit will be saved at the first purchase. If the SMS credit falls below 10% of the originally charged amount, another automatic purchase of the same value will be made without the user's consent. * Can be cancelled at any time.

Enter your credit/debit card details and complete your payment.

Don't forget to download your receipt.

Also, you can see the cost per SMS to each destination so search for the countries of your most common guests that stay in your property.

By the way, it is not necessary to check your credit, you will receive an e-mail notification in case of low credit.

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