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How does it work? How to test it out?

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Now you can let your guest review, accept, or decline a bill online! Also, the guest can inform you about minibar consumption and give you their invoice details before the actual check-out. After check-out, you can automatically email them an invoice instead of printing it. All of this is happening online! Guests can access it from the comfort of their hotel room and without waiting at the reception.

How does it work?

  1. Receptionist receives a reminder to upload the bill to each reservation which is on departure.

In the detail of each reservation, receptionist can view the uploaded bill.

2. After that, the guest receives an automated precheck-out message.

The button ,,Start Your Precheck-out Now" leads your guests back to your guest web where they can start the precheck-out process.

3. The guest can view the bill which was uploaded by the receptionist. Then they have three options: ,,Contact Reception", ,,Divide Bills", or ,,All Correct".



4. If the guest decides to ,,Contact Reception" then the receptionist receives an automated notification email as well as for the completed precheck-out.

There is a new section ,,Precheck-out services" in MyAdmin where the precheck-out requests as ,,Incorrect Bill" are collected.

In the detail of precheck-out request, the receptionist can find there all the needed information regarding changes in the bill.

If the receptionist makes any changes in the bill and clicks on ,,Added to Bill" then the request will be marked as complete.

5. If the guest decides to ,,Divide bills" then there are two notifications in MyAdmin: request for ,,Divided bills" and also ,,Check-out: reservations ready for invoice upload"

6. Invoice details are placed below the guest's information in the detail of the reservation.

The last step is that the receptionist uploads the final bill(s) = invoice(s) for the guest.

7. The guest receives an auto-email with an invoice attached.

How to test it out?

Go to MyAdmin - Settings - Check out and request this upgrade.

After we activate it for your accommodation then you can edit Check-out instructions👇

These instructions display as the last step during Check-out process 🙌

Are you interested in an express check out?

It means that the guests do not need to go through the front desk to pay the bill, and they only have to leave their keys in the room and that’s it!

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