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New Variable Email and Changes in Online Check-in
New Variable Email and Changes in Online Check-in

Add new sections to your emails and check out our improved online check in.

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New Variable Email

In the section Auto messages - Email, now you can create your unique email templates! What are the options? Two ,,call to action button" which leads to online check-in or guest web,

editing titles of sections,

and adding up to three fields from each section - Useful info, Nearby, and Offers. 

Don't forget to preview your email before you save it!

Add companion in Online Check-in

As we are still improving our online check-in, we have added a new step.

 After a guest finishes online check-in form by signing it, the next step is ,,Add companion" which means they can easily type name, surname, and email of their fellow travelers and share the online check-in with them or make the online check-in for them.

We believe that this change will help you increase the number of incoming online check in forms.

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