Tips for Upselling
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  1. Pick the right moment

Timing of your offer can be critical in your guests decision-making process. Offer received at the right moment has a much higher chance of being bought. For example, your guest might not be interested in late checkout before their arrival, so it would be a good time to promote it a day or two before their departure. Before arrival it is a good idea to offer airport transfer and champagne or room upgrade during stay. 

     2. Make them interested

By using the appropriate movement verb in your title (experience, taste, indulge), you catch your guests attention from the first glance. Go on by highlighting the benefits of your offer, paint a clear picture of how much better their stay will be with this experience.

     3. Limited time only

Mention that your offer is available for a certain time only to bring a sense of urgency. This will create an incentive to book your offer immediately.

     4. Personalize your offer  

Identify who your audience is and divide them into client groups. It can be business travellers, couples, retired seniors - groups should reflect your clientele. Then create relevant offers for the client groups. In the message, address your guest by name to make them feel cared for. 

      5. Address a need 

Try to solve a problem your guest has. Public transport is not an option? Offer your reliable taxi service. Dietary restrictions? Offer them a personalized menu. You can learn more about what issues your clients face from your guest reviews and address them in the form of an offer.

      6. Keep it simple

Remove all doubts and clearly describe basic information in the offer: when does the experience take place, where they can enjoy it and especially for how much. Don’t leave room for indecision. Add a clear call to action, so your client can immediately proceed to booking.

       7. Use an upsell automation tool

A powerful automation tool like MyStay will save time, energy and drive additional revenue from every guest. 

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