We at MyStay decided to help during bad times in the travel industry. We know that you are receiving a lot of cancellations and your revenue is going down. It’s time to utilize all the available resources to the MAXIMUM:

  • inform your guests 

  • sell extra services

  • prepare yourself for better times (they will come, don't worry)


We give out MyStay Upsell FOREVER FREE, so you can use our automated pre-arrival communication to: 

  • inform your guests about the situation in your region and your health and safety protocols to keep them from cancelling;

  • offer your clients a flexible rebooking or loyalty points policy to retain as many reservations as you can;

  • start selling your extra services to the guests, who are still at home/on the road, ensuring yourself extra revenue stream;

  • cross-sell your partner services, such as tours and transfers, as #weareinthistogether


  1. Start now by creating a profile here. [1min]

  2. Input basic information about your hotel. [15min]

  3. Set up a corona update email. [5 min]

  4. Connect with your guests. [2 minutes] 

  5. Add one more Useful info to your guest web. [3 minutes] 

Get free Band-Aid here!

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