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New Check in Link and Export of Registration Forms
New Check in Link and Export of Registration Forms

Another month has passed which means other news on our platform.

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What did we get ready for you this time? Let's take a closer look at each component and see which will be your favorite one.

We all fell in love with pre-arrival online check in, right? Well of course when it's so easy and simple. We had decided to create a unique link that will lead directly to the registration form. So now you can send SMS/email only with the Check in link, it means that your incoming guest will not be disturbed by the hotel offers. Go ahead and change the content of your SMS/Email adding "Check-in link". You can find in Auto Messages - SMS/Email - Add personalized info.

Alright, this one is big. Finally, the day has come and completely new statistics are here! Ho hoo. Yes! These statistics provide you a complete overview of all kinds of information and numbers. For example, in the main section, you can find:

  • Reservation received: The total amount of reservations in the system during the chosen period.

  • Onboarded guests: Number of reservations which received at least one onboarding message.

  • Engaged guests: Number of guests who entered the property website.

  • Actions taken: Any type of action button which was used by any guest.

Please check it out in MyAdmin - Reports & Statistics!

What else can you find in MyAdmin? QR codes! Each service, activity, useful info or nearby pin includes a barcode that takes a guest directly to the concrete offer. Print it in PDF and promote your "Bottle of Champagne" or "Airport Transfer" at your hotel reception or in a hotel room.  

You know that we keep for you all the check in cards in MyAdmin so that you can print them anytime you need. Well, now you can even get all these check in cards in one file. How? In the section Reservations, select the dates and then export it to one of these formats

  • CSV

  • XLSX (Excel)

  • PDF

  • UNL (Ubyport)

How easy is that?

Well, so what do you think about all these cool components? Don't hesitate to send us your Feedback!

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