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How to Create a Great MyStay Guest Web
How to Create a Great MyStay Guest Web

Do you want to see higher numbers in your weekly statistics? MyStay wants to share some tips to creating a stand-out Guest web!

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Use sales for your offers
Which one of these caught your attention first? Everyone likes to save a little cash- that's why our eyes love discounts. Use them!

Also, check out this video how to enhance your Guest Web!

Keep your profile updated
Special offer for Easter? Great idea! Just make sure people don´t find it on your Guest web in July :) We would suggest checking your profile regularly to avoid these mistakes and adjust your offers based on the season. 

Think of your guest segmentation
I am sure you know your most frequent type of guest, right? Younger/older, business/leisure, one night/one week? Based on these basic questions, you can tailor your profile to be much more relevant. 

Ask your reception for tips
Let´s be honest. Who knows your guests the most? Your receptionists! Talk with them about the top  FAQs that they are getting and add the answers on top of your Guest web. 

Pick the best pictures
Images are selling. For sure! If you aim for success with your offers, make sure you picked the right pictures. These days, people do not spend time reading the description, they just look at the pictures and make their decisions. Look at some of these beautiful ones that other properties uploaded.

Get in touch with your guests
People love to talk but maybe they are just to shy to call you. Give them the options that they are used to and let them directly ask questions via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Not sure how to do the things mentioned above?

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