1. MyStay has 3 versions: FREE, paid STANDARD and WIFI

  • If you are with us for at least a month, you are automatically equip with our STANDARD version. Now you have the possibility to create a profile in MyStay for FREE. 

  • FREE includes: Property Web guide, MyAdmin with statistics and email sending

  • STANDARD includes: Property Web guide, MyAdmin with statistics, SMS and email sending and online Check-in in app

  • WIFI includes: FREE and installation of success page into hotel WiFi

For more detailed information about FREE and STANDARD check here.

2. MyStay includes Property Web Guide, App and MyAdmin

  • We moved the main content from application to the Property Web Guide. Guests don´t need to download the app into the phone, but now only need to click the web link

  • The app remains but will be used more for the Online Check-In

3. Electronic E-Order form as a contract

  • For the STANDARD and WIFI Versions: there is an electronic E-order form to sign 

  • For the FREE Version: there is no need to sign any contract 

4. Free Trial period 14 days

  • The standard free trial period is 14 days

  • The free trial period starts when the automatic profile is created at gomystay.com.

  • After the free trial period ends, you can decide to upgrade to the paid version or work with the free version. 

  • FREE does not have trial period. You can request 14 days Free Trial period of STANDARD

5. Technical support from MyStay

  • STANDARD: MyStay team provides 20 minutes of support while you are setting up your profile + 30 minutes of technical support per month 

  • FREE: MyStay doesn´t provide any personal support during the set up of the profile, except if there are technical issues of the system

  • In case you reach the limit of support,  the price for extra support is 20 EUR/30 minutes

  • MyStay will inform you after the free limit of support time has been reached.

6. MyStay price

  •  STANDARD: 2 Euro/month/room, with minimal price 20 EUR per month per property with less then 10 rooms and 40 EUR per month for property with 11-20 rooms 

  • MyStay WIFI: 70% price of the STANDARD

  • FREE: No cost

7. Integration to the reservation data

  • Integration to reservation data from Booking.com or other partners is not guaranteed 

  • You can use the provided integrations via available partners for free or for the specific price

  • If the requested partner is not available in the system, the price and availability can be discuss with MyStay team

8. Contract termination 

  • Either Party may terminate the agreement even without giving reasons by a notice of termination made in writing, with one month termination period. This period begins on the first day of the month following the month of the notice delivery to the other Contractual Party and finishes on the last day of the same month.

These commercial terms and conditions are efficient as of 8.04.2019.

For full terms and conditions please check here.

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