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What is the cost of MyStay?

The cost for MyStay Standard version is 2 Euro/per month/ room. Additional discounts can be given based on the length of the contract and the number of properties for chains.

How long does integration take? When can our guests start to use MyStay?

MyStay can be integrated to some PMS (property management systems). The length of integration can vary based on PMS. Check availability with our team in online chat.

How many different languages are supported?

MyStay Standard supports these languages - Czech, Italian, Spanish, German, Slovak, Russian, Dutch and French.

Can we add our own address pins to the map?

Of course! Adding your own address pins is a great way to introduce guests to your community and local partners.

Who owns the profile data?

Each hotel remains the owner of the content of its profile.

Do we have access to statistics? How can we track usage?

Reporting and usage statistics are tracked and available in real-time in MyAdmin.

Does MyStay require additional software to be installed at the front desk?

No, you don´t need to install any other software.

How should we promote MyStay to guests?

You can use a link of MyStay guest web in your standard communication channels.

How many SMS can we send each month?

You can send an unlimited number of SMS. Just buy credit and you can send as many SMS as you want :)

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