MyStay WiFi is a special website (also called landing page or success page) which is shown immediately after guests connect to the WiFi. Guests use this website to see hotel offers and information and they can directly interact with hotel reception.

Example of MyStay WiFi page:

Go to MyAdmin - Settings and Guest Connections. Then copy provided link and install it as Redirect URL.

How to install?

Redirect URL:

All modern WiFi AP uses portals to welcome wifi users and allows them to complete basic authentication. MyStay uses the ability to redirect the authenticated user to MyStay WiFi Page.

Redirect URL is the parameter which you can usually find in the administration of WiFi AP.

You should be able to find it on internet if your AP allows “Redirect URL”.

Sometimes you will need to enable Redirect section.

Note: MyStay WiFi is not blocking the internet, it is shown when guest is successfully connected to the internet.

Do you want to see the statisticts of your MyStay Profile?

At the end of the month we can provide you the statistics what your guests were interested in the most.

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